Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Women 18 and older

  • Open to biblical teaching and help 

  • Commit to abstinence from all drugs, alcohol and tobacco, only life-sustaining medications prescribed by a physician are permitted

  • Outstanding legal matters must be resolved before applying

  • Must pass pregnancy test and drug test

  • Complete the admission process and supply all forms and test results




Instruction will focus on spiritual growth, life skills and vocational training.  The women will have opportunities to learn and grow through classes held on  and off campus.  A portion of the program will include interaction with ministry volunteers, community organizations and local churches. Each lady will also be paired with a godly mentor to encourage, support and help her in her personal studies and spiritual growth.

Visits with children and a program designed to help the ladies in their parenting skills will be a key part of the learning experience.  A program for the children will be a part of the services offered in the near future.



  • To build a faith connection and foundation for living the Christian life

  • To commit to sobriety and abstinence from toxic influences

  • To form healthy relationship skills and connections for support and accountability

  • To develop personal skills for independent and community living

  • To create a clear and manageable plan of action for the future




The first phase of this residential program is 6 months in length, during which the ladies will focus on mental, physical and spiritual restoration. Near the end of Phase I, each lady will be evaluated and goals will be set for graduation or entrance into Phase II.  


Women who move to Phase II reside on campus and can begin working. The focus is on assuming responsibility and transitioning toward independent living. 


Upon graduation, all ladies will be connected with a local church for continued discipleship and training.  The goal is for the women to experience a safe and supportive transition back into the community, fully equipped to live victoriously and point others to freedom.